Established in 2014, we are a full service boutique agency that represents award-winning journalists, academics, novelists, graphic artists, children’s authors, and writers of all types of fiction and nonfiction.

Tanya McKinnon

I represent award-winning public intellectuals, award-winning children's books, and New York Times bestselling graphic novels.

Growing up all over--Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the US--I found my home in books where writers confront the chaos of reality and distill it into narratives that leave us wiser and more human for having read them. The books I represent embody this ethos.

Because I wanted to help make books happen, I entered publishing right out of college, and while my job titles have changed, I have never left that world. I began as an editor, where I deepened my love of accessible, idea-driven nonfiction with the power to transform culture.  Next I worked as a literary scout, representing foreign publishers and Hollywood producers. For the last sixteen years I have been a literary agent, helping authors bring their ideas to life and find their audience.

The time I have spent in various sides of the industry lets me view the agent-author relationship holistically. I routinely help my clients shape and sharpen their projects through a rigorous in-house editorial process. In the bigger picture, I work to help authors hone a career trajectory for their work. This level of focus requires that I cap the number of new clients I will take on.

I am always looking for work that takes me beyond the boundaries of where I currently am. This can be in categories such as history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, medicine, cultural criticism, popular culture, journalism, and sheer whimsy. I look for fiction that is story- and character-driven and engrossing with strong voice. I have a particular interest in multicultural and African American work. I also have a passion for graphic novels, be they for adults or young readers. In children's books, I represent the gamut from picture books through chapter books and middle grade readers, to young adult.

In addition to agenting, I hold an MA in cultural anthropology, and I teach a course on Writing for Children in the Publishing Certificate Program at City College.

Devin McIntyre

Devin McIntyre began his publishing career in 2002 at Mary Evans Inc., where he became an agent and director of foreign rights before opening his own agency in 2010. He represents an eclectic list of fiction and nonfiction, and is interested in smart, funny, useful books of all kinds, especially literary and multicultural fiction, narrative nonfiction, pop culture, sports, science, music, humor, and graphic novels. McIntyre is a graduate of Brown University, has spent his adult life living in Brooklyn, and was once mistaken for Harry Potter at the post office.